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Kunsthaus quarter

Kulturzentrum Weberhaus, which opened in 1990, is located opposite our hotel. Guarded by the head of Medusa, Kulturzentrum Weberhaus houses a café, a gallery, the City Museum, the public library and the archives of the city. With a little luck, you will see the stork sitting in its nest on the roof of our boutique & city hotel.

For over 50 years Weiz has gained a reputation as a city of culture and has succeeded in establishing itself throughout the region.

The Kunsthaus stages a wide variety of events featuring national and international artists and is located only a one-minute walk from boutique & city hotel zur goldenen Krone.


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Weiz has a basilica

The 1065th built parish church at Weizberg was awarded this honorary title from the Vatican on January 3, 2018.The parish church at Weizberg making it the fifth church to Mariazell (1907), Seckau (1930), Rein (1979) and Maria Trost (1999) in the territory of the Diocese Graz-Seckau, which may be called Basilica. In Austria there are only around 30 of them.

Above the Spiritual Path which is next to our hotel you will catch the basilica in approx. 20 minutes.At the 7 sources to power the motto of this modern pilgrimage is. Seven power sources invite to think but above all to refuel.

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